What we do

iPad for Meeting
We can turn our iPad into a powerful conference assistant, helping the speaker to keep the audience on track.

Launch any app, website, or open PDFs on connected devices
Lock device s into a single app to help audience focus
Lock screens to pause work
Focus on a single audience screen
See an overview of all screens at once
Include large venue Wi-Fi Setup

iPad Table Stand
This stylish iPad security stand is provided to secure your iPad. There are two types of design, Space and Polar Bear.

Product Details
Space can be rotated in landscape or portrait while Polar Bear is viewed in either landscape or portrait when installed
You may add a cable lock to fix the stand to the table, so the moving distance of the iPad is 6 feet from the fixed object
iPad Pro 12.9″ is available for Space

iPad for Survey

Although the content of questionnaire is important for market survey, the way to collect information also determines respondents’ desire to complete them. Using technology can surely interest your targets.

Questionnaire can be in any language
Customize banner, theme, colour
Supports offline mode
Respondents enter the information directly, this ensures accuracy
Different forms of entry
(English and Chinese characters, numbers, emails, multiple choice questions, Likert scale)
Works for member registration form
You can choose to collect the data instantly, or to download it afterwards

iPad for Ticketing (QR Code)

It uses a fancy way to register your guests at entrance. QR code e-tickets will be sent to your guests’ email in advance, then check them in by just scanning the code on their mobile devices with iPad.

Speedy – Allow check-in and data collection at the same time
Security – A back up of data will be sent to server
iPad Synchronization – Real time data management
Post event report – Guests’ time of check-in, check-out, and by whom

Guest Check-in System
This allows organizer to check-in guests manually. Input guest information in excels (max. 3 custom fields) and uploads to server in advance. Then search the guest name with an iPad at the time of registration, check and uncheck the guest.


Allow the add of guest name
Real time update – All iPads check and uncheck record will be synchronized by using 3G data
Allow the search of a guest name by using “friends of friends”
Real time checking of guest login on CMS

Large Venue WiFi

It guarantees Internet connection for hundreds of iPads, and it is lightning fast even in a densely populated environment.

Capable of accepting connections from 250-500 users
Avoid Wi-Fi “traffic jam”
No time lag on Internet
Professional configuration services
No Landing Page
Do not require the hiring of broadband from venue

Conference @ HKCEC Dec. 2012

Watches & Wonders @ HKCEC Oct.2013

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